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Meet the team

We work with mental health professionals, professionals from the armed forces and teaching staff from schools to assess, plan activities and evaluate outcomes. We work with clients using horses and other animals in the delivery of sessions designed to meet individual's needs. Working with horses whether on the ground, mounted or in the carriage has proven to impact positively on the wellbeing of both the mind and body.

Christine Barratt Atkin - Director
Christine is a former Primary school teacher with an interest in working with students with additional needs. Christine's work is primarily office centred but does enjoy seeing the benefits of animal therapy with our students.

Senior Teacher:
Ben Durrans

Ben is responsible for links with feeder schools and overall student wellbeing as well as teaching Maths and B Tec sport. Ben is a keen sportsman and is known for his sense of humour!

Lee Phoenix
Lee is another keen sportsman- responsible for teaching English and B Tec Sport. Lee is our football coach.

James Blackburn
James is keen on fitness and mountain biking. James is a TA supporting students, in particular the younger ones.

Louise Brass
Louise is responsible for delivering the Beauty Qualifications and also teaches Maths and English. Louise enjoys sport as well.